43 Arrested in Shanghai for illegal online gambling

October 2, 2013 | By admin | Filed in: Uncategorized.

The Shanghai police has just announced that they have conducted a raid related to illegal online gambling and they arrested 43 people.

The raid took place in the Baoshan District. Out of the 43 people involved, only 26 continued to be held under the police custody, while 13 got away with just fines and the remaining 4 of them managed to get bailed out of jail.

All this police action took place as one of the gamblers had some gambling debt problems and informed the police about the illegal online gambling activities. This criminal group is thought to be a really large organization and some rumors are saying that more than 1.7 billion Yuan (~ $276 million) were wagered through the illegal online casino.
The whole online gambling ring is thought to be controlled by a married couple, their last name is Zhou. They are both showing off with luxury cars and they have just received a payment of 3.73 million Yuan ($0.6 million) in just one week of running the gambling business, even if officially he is declared unemployed.

The Chinese authorities have not presented to the press the charges imposed regarding this action, nor the penalties that they will have to pay.

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