$3.5 Million Settlement Paid Out By Online Sweepstakes Software Provider

November 29, 2013 | By admin | Filed in: Uncategorized.

A married couple who owns an online sweepstakes software firm who used to be the backbone for the Allied Veterans of America Internet Cafes have reached a settlement deal with Oklahoma, a state where online gambling is illegal. The married couple will have to pay the fine tune of $3.5 Million Dollars to the State.

Kristin and Chase Burns, the owners of the online sweepstakes software firm finally came to a deal with the Oklahoma attorneys. The attorneys where originally asking for $7.7 Million due to the charges of providing illegal gambling software and money laundering through their licensees. This deal will allow for them to stay out of jail but will have to pay the fine in full in order to not face the consequences.

The Burns Family were just two of the fifty seven people charged with operating the sweepstakes software firm. The firm was able to launder over three hundred million dollars during the time of their operations. The firm was operating as a charity towards the Veterans of America and then performed their actions. This is what led to the massive lawsuit, many wanted retribution for the actions of the Burns and others.

The $875,000 will go to help the Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation to assist them with anything they will need to help stop future crimes such as these from happening again.

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