Survey states that Online Gambling is not a threat to the land casinos in New Jersey

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Today, many surveys are conducted to check the status of the online gaming industry. Whether it’s a casino or a poker room, understanding the opinions of the players is very important for the developers and the owners of the games.

The Lloyd D. Levenson Institute of Gaming commissioned a survey and the survey was conducted by the Hospital and Tourism from the Richard Stockton College located in New Jersey. This particular survey disclosed the fact that online gambling market of the state wasn’t a threat to online casinos as many players haven’t even gambled through an online site yet.

According to the survey, people have accepted the fact that less than about 3% of players have gambled online. Most of the players who started gambling online have only done it after it was legalized in the month of November. However, other people, consisting of about 7% stated that they would try and gamble online this year.

The survey was conducted out of 690 people who really visited the casinos in Atlantic City. They have also gambled thee during the previous year.

Israel Posner, the director of the Levenson Institute commented on the results of the poll. He said that more people are showing interest towards online gambling. He also added that it will continue to grow after the efforts taken to promote and market them pay off.
The very same poll took an account of the Sportsbetting challenge taken from the state. It is currently sitting at the Supreme Court.

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