Decision On Illegal Gambling Case For Former Admiral Awaited

February 27, 2014 | By admin | Filed in: Uncategorized.

A former commander and admiral in the US Army, Tim Giardina was demoted early in 2013 for being found guilty of gambling online illegally with fake chips. It isn’t rare to see someone gamble illegally but it is rare to see someone who is gambling illegally using fake chips. This is why the former admirals case has been published throughout the media.

Mr. Giardina, the previous admiral for the US Army has been awaiting his sentence and is becoming increasingly frustrated with having to wait for such a long time. Regardless of how angry to frustrated the former admiral gets he will have to sit there waiting to be sentenced for the actions that sent him into early retirement.

The scam that this former admiral was initiating every day was discovered when an online poker player at the Iowa Casino gained several chips from the other poker player. The player afterwards naturally went to redeem his chips in hopes of being rewarded with big amounts of money. Instead the cashier told him that these chips are fake and this resulted in the launching of an investigation. Video footage shows that the chips were lost by Mr. Giardina which is why he has been arrested for gambling in an illegal manner.

Mr. Giardina has not commented on his actions as he was not given the opportunity to explain his side of the story to investigators. We suspect he didn’t comment officially because he doesn’t want to rock the boat to anger those who are deciding his fate.

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