Everybody’s Jackpot Awarded with Player Winning $391,805

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April Fools usually has friends, family or co-workers committing silly jokes against one another in the spirit of the holiday. Instead of being fooled by some trick, one online punter was able to land on an incredible progressive jackpot win. This punter was playing Everybody’s Jackpot, a video slot created by Playtech when he landed on a $391,805 progressive jackpot win.

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Playtech did make a small statement regarding this win saying, “Everybody’s Jackpot is quickly becoming one of our headline games. It continues to impress us how much of a loyal following that this video slot, we have been able to give multiple people large cash rewards and that makes us proud as a software developer. We have yet to been contacted back by the winner of this jackpot.”
There has yet to been a large amount of details released relating towards this jackpot win. It should be noted that this jackpot win is lower than the normal amount paid out averagely on this slot. On average “Everybody’s Jackpot” pays out $405,102.

This marks the eighth time that a jackpot has been triggered on “Everybody’s Jackpot”. Every time that someone lands on this progressive jackpot is pays out a large amount of money. This is the very reason as to why the game continues to remain popular amongst fans, they hope that they will be the next to land on the progressive jackpot available in this slot.

You can experience this video slot by registering a player account with any casino that boasts the Playtech software.

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