Heroes Reborn Has Online Prequel Series

April 28, 2014 | By admin | Filed in: Uncategorized.

During February NBC announced that Heroes, a cult classic television show would be returning with a thirteen part miniseries. This new Heroes series will take place later on in the future with a new group of characters for fans to enjoy. Today NBC announced that they have added a prequel series leading up to the events of this miniseries.


There has been no word if any of the original cast members would be returning to the franchise, even if it may be a small cameo. We do know that the show takes place after Sylars reign and that the world is once again in a peaceful state. The creators of Heroes Reborn has yet to state what the show will be about or what conflicts will arise while these new characters are introduced.

Heroes was only able to be on the air for four seasons with each passing season gaining new fans. Eventually by the end of the fourth season the cast came together and said that this was it, that the show needed to end or that it would become repetitive just as “Lost” did. NBC wanted to renew the show for a fifth season but the majority of people involved refused to be a part of it as their contracts had ended.

Heroes Reborn is NBCs way of getting make into Science Fiction television. They hope that the new series will dwarf the original in popularity and so do we. This would allow for the show to grow and become the marvel that it was supposed to be.

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