Star Wars Rebels Details Revealed

April 28, 2014 | By admin | Filed in: Uncategorized.

Star Wars Rebels, a new cartoon being created by the designers of Star Wars: The Clone Wars has a showcasing at WonderCon yesterday. Dave Filoni, the executive producer behind the show revealed key information regarding the TV Series as well as a new clip from the show as well. This is astonishing as we have yet to see barely any footage regarding this new Television series.


During the clip you see a new female Jedi fighting her way through a group of TIE fighters. Dave Filoni noted that they released this clip to show that the Jedi are no longer in control, that they are fighting now not for the Galaxy but for their survival. Mr. Filoni alongside his development team wanted to create a scene that would enter the minds of all of their fans, a scene that would resemble “A New Hope” and remind their fans just what kind of position that the Jedi are now in.

Dave Filoni made a comment at WonderCon saying, “Star Wars is still controlled by the same people as it always has been. Even though Disney purchased the rights to Star Wars, the same people continue to work on everything being developed for Star Wars in order to ensure that the series remains true to its core fans. George Lucas continued to review every episode we create alongside the Disney Star Wars Heads. We look forward to bringing this show to the same group of fans that made The Clone Wars as popular as it is today.”

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