Jamaica Considering Regulating Online Gambling

May 28, 2014 | By admin | Filed in: Uncategorized.

Jamaica, a large country in the Caribbean is now considering to regulate online gambling in the country. This information came to light after the Chairman of Gaming, Betting and Lotteries Commission voiced that he believes online gambling should be regulated within Jamaica.


Gary Peart, the Chairman behind this commission said that he is in favor of online gambling being legalized and regulated within Jamaica as it would allow for the country to grow economically. Jamaica hasn’t had a large amount of economic growth for years and a regulated online gambling market would allow for Jamaica to grow as a country.

Mr. Peart said the following, “We have compiled growth rates for Jamaica if online gambling was to be regulated in our country. Over the course of two years our economy would grow by 16% and over the course of four years it would grow by 31%. Sportsbetting would allow for a 20% growth increase which means in four years time our economy could grow by 51%.”

Mr. Peart is also getting help from long time supporter of online gambling Amina Maknoon, she said that if a regulated online gambling market was to come to Jamaica it would create hundreds of new jobs as well as poor money back into the country. These duo are planning to contact various Jamaican Politicians in order to accomplish their goals, any politician that doesn’t believe in the cause will only be considered to be a politician who is in it for their own pockets and not the countries.”

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