Canadian Nature Reserves

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Canada, is a vast country in the world that has many nature reserves located throughout its borders. Canada has a variety of different landscapes, some areas are dense forest that you could get lost in a matter of moments while other areas are arctic tundra’s that you could never escape. Other times you will find yourself in long fields that go on for hundreds of miles and other times you will find yourself in an island with horrific waves bashing against it. The Canadian Government revealed this week that they will be creating twenty new Nature Reserves across the borders of Canada, these nature reserves will allow for the beauty of Canada to stay intact while also protecting the wildlife around the new nature reserves.

Canadian Nature Reserves

The best thing about these nature reserves is that they are normally turned into “Conservation Areas” which essentially is a large lake with a beach, a mass area of forest for people to explore, play areas which include volleyball courts for the kids, small food shops and more. This is a way for the Canadian Government to earn extra money while also allowing for their citizens to have beautiful areas to enjoy.

Ontario will be getting five new nature reserves, British Columbia will also be getting five new nature reserves, Newfoundland will be getting 4 and Manitoba will be getting six. The reason Manitoba will be getting six new nature reserves is because the province currently only has two.

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