World Match Games Added to BetConstruct

June 2, 2015 | By admin | Filed in: Uncategorized.

BetConstruct, a small time software developer is about to make a major leap forward in the industry as today they revealed that they will be adding the full gaming library that World Match gaming has developed for their platform.

This announcement is big for BetConstruct to say the least as they’ve had a difficult time having their platform rise to popularity. By having the World Match platform included within their own they’ll be able to gain a far greater amount of popularity and showcase their own platform as the same time. BetConstruct has stated that they are planning on targeting European markets instead of Asian or American markets. This marks the first time that World Match has ever had their platform introduced through another and it’s the first time that BetConstruct will be entering the European market.


Andrea Boratto, the Director of World Match Gaming commented on this big deal saying, “This deal will allow for BetConstruct to grow as a company and expand their own platform to new regions that have yet to seen the BetConstruct platform. It’s been a privilege and honor to be able to help this developer grow in the European market.

There is no guarantee that this deal will ensure Bet Construct’s future in the online gambling market. World Match Gaming has been able to reach high levels of popularity throughout the years but Bet Construct’s games don’t resemble that of WMG. We’ll update you on what happens with new software developer in the upcoming months

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