Red Slots Receives €480,000 Fine by Netherlands

November 17, 2015 | By admin | Filed in: Uncategorized.

Red Slots, one of the more popular online casinos within the Netherlands has received a large fine from the gaming regulator Kansspelautoriteit. This fine is worth a total of €480,000 which’ll surely set back the casino for profits in what they were expecting within the fourth quarter.

Red Slots

These fines have been laid out due to the fact that the Netherlands gaming regulator conducted an investigation between the time periods of “November 2014 – March 2015). It was revealed that Red Slots were promoting a variety of Dutch websites that weren’t legal. This meant that Dutch punters were entering sites that could be harmful to their personal information, banking information or security information. The investigation game to its conclusion after it was openly promoted by Red Slots that if they were to register with one of the sites they were promoting, they’d receive a three Euro bonus directly from Red Slots. The original fine was only going to be €13,000 but after deliberately continuing to break the codes that Red Slots said they’d honor, the gaming regulators decided to give up their fine by a mass amount due to the continued violations. This has led to the €480,000 fine they currently now have to pay.

The Netherlands Gaming Regulator are working to have these websites blacklisted and blocked for Dutch IPS’s. Red Slots will be able to continue to operate but they’ll have to watch who they promote or a fine heftier then this one could become a reality for this online casino. Hopefully they smarten up their ways in the upcoming months.

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